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The Dairy




Oak beams, pippy oak bespoke wardrobe and dressing table and Abraham Moon furnishings create the beautiful oasis of calm and comfort that is the bedroom at The Dairy. Relax on the high quality 6 foot super-kind sized bed of 6,700 springs and be cossetted in the 400 threadcount crisp white bedlinen whilst you watch the 32" LCD TV on the opposite wall, using the remote control of course!  If you wish, the bed can be split into two separate 3 foot single beds, with ample space between and to each side. You won't want to get up in the morning!


The bespoke wardrobe has 3 sliding doors, with both end sections providing wardrobe hanging space - one full-length and one half-length. The hanging space can easily be pulled down so you don't have to reach up high an the drawers are all pull-out so easy to access all your clothes.


Slide open the middle wardrobe to reveal the integrated dressing table, where the light comes on automatically as the door is opened. Guests can use the stool already there or it is accessible using a wheelchair. Slide the mirror along so you can access all the shelves and easily plug in the hairdryer that is provided.


Little extras such as USB charge points/electric sockets immediately behind the bedside cabinets, a Bose speaker for you to play your own music and a LED floor lamp can be moved to wherever you wish to do some reading in the bedroom. A choice of reading material is on the bookshelf, near the additional fire exit which also brings even more light into this spacious and cosy room. 




Many guests at The Byre have said they just want to move into the bathroom as it is so luxurious. If you liked the bathroom at The Byre you will just love the bathroom at The Dairy even more!


The bathroom is even more spacious! The bath is exactly the same very large double ended bath, just a little lower and also has a subdued lighting behind for those lotions and potions. Opposite the bath are the same double sinks that are in The Byre. Here they are on two levels, rather than at the same level and have fresh air underneath, rather than cupboards. Both sinks have their own magnifying 'upclose' mirror and shaving point. The bespoke oak framed mirrors, by master oak craftsman Terry Harrington also have demister pads, so not matter how hot and steamy the bathroom gets, you can still see yourself in the mirror! 


Walk through the archway to the amazingly large wet room, which also includes the toilet. The shower has a remote control to start the shower before you enter and is thermostatically controlled to a warm/hot temperature that will not scald or be cold that you can then fine tune when you step into the shower. As you step out of the shower, you can also switch the shower off from there and it will reset itself. 


Here's where some of the best magic happens. If you have no need for any accessible facilities in the bathroom - grab bars on the walls or around the bath/shower, a shower seat etc, they are just not there. But if you do need them then the highest quality facilities are provided. Take a look at the photos. You can stand under the large ceiling shower and access your toiletries from the wall recesses at the higher level. Alternatively you can sit on the integrated shower seat, shower yourself with the hand shower and access your toiletries from the wall recesses at the lower level. A truly luxury bathing experience for all! Similarly, the toilet area can be setup to provide the support bars and accessible facilities if you need them. If you don't need them, they just disappear. 

There are two doors to enter the bathroom - directly from the bedroom and directly from the kitchen. So you don't need to go through the various rooms to reach the bathroom. They have easy to open doors and an emergency release system at the door so no-one can ever get locked in the bathroom.  We could call it a call assistance facility, to let your other guest know you need assistance - we just call it a traditional clangy bell! You don't always need the highest of technologies.    


The facilities and services in all rooms meet the National Accessible Standards M3, V1, H1. For instance, the hot and cold taps are easily distinguishable and the black granite / white porcelain tile bathroom contrasts to aid partially sighted guests. Here, luxury supports accessibility!  We would be delighted to discuss your own requirements to ensure you enjoy your holiday stay at The Dairy. Where guests do not need these requirements as you can see by the photos on the Accessibility page, they are just not visible. They are provided when you need them.  



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