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Out & About Safely 2020


Being on holiday is all about relaxing and enjoying getting out and about exploring the Yorkshire Dales. That doesn't change, even now. So we will be providing regular updates to what is opening and when this summer and providing details of any limitations or advanced arrangements you may need to take. Guests will receive the latest information before their arrival. 


Walking in the Yorkshire Dales is good for the mind, body and soul. There is plenty of space for social distancing on the hundreds of walks in the area. We will be providing updates to what is open for a takeaway, a light bite and a meal in the area & also what toilets are open/closed. Tearooms will no doubt have limited space due to social distancing, so we will let you know some details as soon as we have have them. Each cottage has a picnic bag, cool bag and a rug as it is an ideal opportunity to enjoy a picnic and we can recommend some lovely quiet places too. Social distancing at its very best!


Eating Out? - Make a Reservation in Advance

For any eateries - be they pubs or restaurants, they are all starting to announce when they are reopening - many from 4 July and some a little later. If you want to eat out during your stay, then we highly recommend you make a reservation as soon as possible as they will all have lesser number of tables and maybe other restrictions. The new Arrival Pack will provide updated details of all our personal recommendations, updated with any limitations or suggestions. 



We will providing details & links to what arrangements are in place for many attractions. For instance, if you wish to go for a walk at the Bolton Abbey Estate, you must make a car park reservation in advance, rather than just turn up unnanounced. Some of their facilities are also not yet open. All this information, will help you plan and enjoy your holiday and avoid any frustrating new limitations. 



COVID Confidence - More Information

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