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The Small Print


The ‘small print’ or ‘devil is in the detail’, so the sayings go. Here are a variety items of general information - some you may like, and some you may not!

  • Terms & conditions - please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before making any reservation.
  • Holiday insurance - please ensure you have appropriate holiday insurance cover in place. Many people do not take out such cover for UK holidays.
  • Smoking - sorry, but there is no smoking in any of our cottages.
  • Safety - this is of paramount importance. Please do check the fire procedure in the cottage guide. Also please note that no candles or tea lights are allowed in any of the cottages.
  • What’s included - see the relevant 'What's Included' page but essentially everything except you and your clothes. We do endeavour to provide all that you would normally have at home.
  • Extra Charges (Transactions)- credit/debit card charges at 2% (to the company not to us!). We only accept Visa, not Diners or Amex. PayPal charges at 2.9%. Please ensure you cover this charge and it is not passed on to Cottage in the Dales. Similarly, non-UK banks usually charge approximately £6 for an international bank transfer. Please check you pay the charges rather than it being deducted from the amount that is transferred. If by chance it does, we will let you know and we can arrange the balance payment during your stay at the cottage. Payments via cheque or UK bank transfer do not attract charges.
  • Extra Charges (Damages) are to be paid for prior to departure, though we do not charge for the odd glass or plate.
  • Drainage - not something you normally read about. But it is important if you are staying at The Byre or The Dairy as the whole village of Newbiggin operate on a septic tank as there is no mains drainage. So human waste and loo paper only down the toilet please! Sanitary bags are provided in the bathroom for all other items.
  • Fireworks are not allowed due to animals in neighbouring fields.
  • Noise - no excessive noise please that may disturb other guests or neighbours.
  • Extra Guests - please do let us know if you are expecting other guests to visit you at the cottage. All beds are made up for your arrival.
  • Recycling - we would like you to recycle and use the appropriate bins as signed please
  • WiFi is 'sort of' super-fast - we are in the last 5% of the country to receive the service, which is now available at the local BT box in Aysgarth. We have connected to the service and it is certainly a lot faster than previously. It is certainly sufficient to enable you to download email and access the Internet. We are not sure if it will support the download of Netflix for example!
  • Special requirements - if you have any special requirements, please do ask and we will endeavour to do our best to meet your needs.