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Photograph of the cottages or surrounding areaPhotograph of the cottages or surrounding areaPhotograph of the cottages or surrounding areaPhotograph of the cottages or surrounding area

Accessible Portable Equipment ... at no additional cost


Cottage in the Dales is delighted to provide the following accessible equipment, ALL of which are available at no additional cost to our guests.  The portable equipment is available to use at any of our cottages, unless it is specifically specified for an individual cottage.


Take a look at the extensive list and also the photos below, with more photos to come very soon! Do call us if you wish to discuss your requirements. Please just let us know in advance the equipment that you need and they will be in cottage awaiting your arrival. 


* Perching tool

* Portable suction grab rails 
* Portable toilet frame 
* Toilet riser 
* Portable toilet frame 
* Toilet riser 
* Swing rather than pedal bins in all bathrooms
* Transfer board (The Dairy)
* Integrated shower seat (The Dairy)
* Shower / commode chair (The Dairy)
* Standalone shower chair (The Byre)
* Bath lift (The Dairy & The Byre)

* Wake and shake alarm clock
* Bed rail (for use on either one side or both sides of the bed)
* Bed ladder
* Portable tilting table across bed
* Folding adjustable bed tray
* Bed blocks (to raise the bed)
* Transfer board (The Dairy)
* Portable hoist (The Dairy)
* Star Projector cube
* Bubble Fish Tube
* Invacare Medley Ergo electric profiling bed (The Dairy)

Dining & Lounge
* Dining carver chair with arms 
* Portable tilting table 
* Blocks to raise sofa or chair (The Dairy)
* HSL Linton Grande Dual Motion Rise/Recliner Arm Chair (The Dairy)

* Walking sticks
* Long shoe horn
* Zimmer frame with wheels at front
* Hand bell

Throughout / Out & About
* Kerb/doorstep ramp
* Portable induction hearing loop
* Self-propelled folding wheelchair



Bath Lift












Portable Hoist






















Suction grab bars & perching stool 












Shower commode chair












Toilet support bars/frame & riser seat









Portable hoist & bed blocks













Bed guard, wake & shake clock, back rest







Lightwight foldable wheelchair















Electric Profiling Bed & Mattress

Click on the image below to view the video showcasing the flexibility & ease of use of this electric bed. 



Star Projector Cube / Bubble Fish Tower

Click on the image below to find out more about the Star Projector Cube & Bubble Fish Tower to help create a calming & relaxing environment