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Photograph of the cottages or surrounding area

4 x Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP)


EVCP at Inglenook Cottage


Dedicated EVCP at each cottage


Cottage in the Dales are delighted to offer Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) at each of our cottages. 

Each cottage has a dedicated Type 2 EVCP, which includes the Type 2 to Type 2 cable. So whilst you are staying at the cottage, you can recharge your car ready to go out and about and explore the Yorkshire Dales. This service for hybrid or electric cars is provided at the current cost of electricity as each EVCP has a tracker of KwH used. These EVCP are not available for public use.



Public EVCP in the Yorkshire Dales


There are now fast 7kw public charging points within the Yorkshire Dales National Park at the 3 National Park car parks at Aysgarth Falls, Grassington and Hawes - two at each of the three locations.  Hence, our guests can explore even further by being able to charge their car whilst out and about enjoying the glorious Yorkshire Dales. This helps enormously to address the electricity needed to get over those pesky hills in the area!  



An EVCP for our hybrid Mini too!


As a green business, we've invested in two hybrid cars - a Mini Countryman 4x4 & a Range Rover Evoque so we can drive around locally almost totally on electric. Hence, we also have a dedicated ECVP for our business use.  We can recharge the Mini at Inglenook during a changeover too! That makes a total of FOUR EVCP we have in total within the business. By doing so, we hope in our own small way to help minimise the environmental impact of our business on this beautiful area.